Training & Education Videos - save money & improve results

85% of every dollar spent on education and training is spent delivering it - unless, of course, you use video.

Blue Chilli creates informative training videos for a range of training purposes. These include:

  • Split screen presentations that combine a PowerPoint and a live presentation

  • Explainer videos that demonstrate a product or system

  • Animated videos that introduce a new service or product

  • What to expect videos - used to prepare a patient for a medical procedure.

Great training videos combine entertainment with clear messaging and strong visuals - we’ll work with you to come up with creative ways to strengthen your training programs with video.

Examples of training and education videos

The benefits of video for training and education

The reasons to use video for training and education purposes are compelling (ref

  • Reduce cost - when you invest in training videos you’re only paying once for a source that you can use endlessly.

  • Get better engagement - employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than read documents, emails or web articles.

  • Improve retention - retention levels rise dramatically when training is paired with relevant visuals.

  • Everyone gets the same experience, regardless of which day they attend training.

  • You can break down complicated information.

  • Easy onboarding of new staff.

  • It’s accessible - avoid the costs associated with travelling to training by making video training available online.

Contact us to find out more about using video in your training and staff education programs.

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