Paul Industries

Kay Spencer from Blue Chilli, has been our virtual Marketing Manager since 2008. Outsourcing this role is ideal for us as we have the benefit of top level strategic knowledge, plus hands-on project management.  We are also able to access the various specialist suppliers whom Blue Chilli partner with for design, media buying, web expertise, copywriting etc.

Another advantage is that by working with a range of clients and suppliers Blue Chilli stay up-to-date with the latest trends, something that would be more difficult for an in-house marketing team.

When Kay joined us, Paul Industries had undertaken very little marketing and we knew that we needed to add skills in marketing and sales in order to grow. Kay lead a strategic process which helped us strengthen our brand and positioning, consolidate the product range, identify and prioritise target markets, design collateral for our various sub-brands, and create packaging, brochures, advertising, and web design. She works closely with our sales team and retail partners to develop relevant and effective promotions and supports the sales team with collateral for trade-shows and presentations.

Blue Chilli have undertaken all our photography, which includes photographing building projects to support case-studies or create collateral. The fact that they are so familiar with our business makes it easy for us to send them to building sites, knowing that they will liaise effectively with site managers, adhere to all H&S regulations and get the shots we need.

Kay has immersed herself in our products and in some cases knows them better than we do. Being in the building trade means that we need to support our products with detailed technical documentation and keep up-to-date with building regulations and codes. Kay is equally comfortable writing technical product sheets and content for architectural publications as she is liaising with the farming publications and retail outlets.

Our investment in marketing and sales has definitely paid off with the business growing steadily – our sales revenue has quadrupled and we are on track for continued growth into the future.

I can absolutely recommend Kay and the team at Blue Chilli.

– Lauretta Best, Office Manager  |  Paul Industries