J Walter Thompson

Kay was employed by J Walter Thompson’s Johannesburg office during the period 1 November 1999 -1 March 2003. She held the position of Account Director on two of our largest clients – namely the Unilever Group and McCain Foods.

Adjectives to describe Kay – astute, thorough, honest and forthright – and an excellent strategic mind and good listener. She always took on first person responsibility, and is an exceptionally good motivator – both within the Agency and with our communication partners. Kay’s clients came to value her advice and counsel so greatly that in many instances they would not proceed with a project until Kay had given her blessing to going ahead!

We would recommend Kay to any potential employer – she has astutely managed her assignments at this Agency – primarily as an Account Director on various FMCG brands. She no doubt would also make an excellent senior Strategic Planner.

I would be most happy to act as a reference for Kay and can be contacted on any of the numbers indicated.

We wish Kay success in the years ahead – and have no doubt that she will continue her successful career path in her new country of choice. 

 – Alan Bolon, Managing Director  |  J Walter Thompson