Bennetts Proactive

In 2012 we needed a complete rebrand and Kay was the right person for her job: she was local, knew her stuff and understood our business. We were a big firm that needed a new direction and overhaul of our marketing strategy. She systematically led us through this process, developing the strategic direction, and we worked together as a team to get things done.

Now that the brand is well established, it is about enhancing the brand and making sure it is front and centre. Early on it was a leading role, now it’s about maintenance. It is still about team-work – she is an extension of our business.

The biggest thing in this game is that you hope you know a little bit about a lot of things, but having Kay on board is about creating a discipline, and being accountable to make it happen. She is a specialist in marketing – and that is what we needed, and still do, in our team. The more we work together, the more we get to know each other. She has become an extension to the business. And the more synergies we have – the better we work together.

I also appreciate that she pushes me when she needs more out of me. For us, it is about the relationship with Kay. She is pretty down to earth and calls a spade a spade. She quietly gets on with what needs to happen and does it.

I would absolutely recommend Kay and the team at Blue Chilli.

– Lance Ewans, Director  |  Bennetts Proactive Accountants