Social media without the stress

For many businesses, social media is like Saint Tropez. Everyone wants to go there, but once they arrive they’re not entirely sure what to do and the pressure to look effortlessly fabulous becomes a little overwhelming. Blue Chilli can help…

In today’s market, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the myriad of other social media channels need to be taken seriously and considered as part of your marketing plan. However, as with any form of media, each has strengths and weaknesses and each is suited to different markets, messages and objectives.

We recommend that you get advice on which social media are best for you and your market. And remember, a social media account is a bit like your mother-in-law, once you have one, ignore it at your peril.

If you have the sneaking feeling that you need to take the plunge but you’re not sure how to go about it, give us a call. We’ll have a chat about your business, your market and what you’re trying to achieve, then give you some ideas on how best to add social media to your marketing portfolio.

If you currently have social media accounts but they’re woefully neglected, we can also help. We’ll take the pressure of by creating regular social media posts that add fresh, relevant content to keep your followers engaged.

Pick up the phone for a chat about your social media strategy today.

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