Photo Glides - animated photo montages that think they’re a video

If your budget doesn’t allow for a video, get the next best thing with our beautiful animated Photo Glides.

Trust us when we say that not all photo montages are created equal. The Blue Chilli editors bring your photos to life with a blend of technical wizardry and good old-fashioned creativity, creating a dynamic visual showcase of your property that’s as visually engaging as it is affordable.

Standard Photo Glide - $75

Simply supply us with 15 - 20 images and we’ll take care of the rest. Your Photo Glide will be supplied as a high resolution MP4, suitable for uploading in the same way you would a video. We’re happy to work with photos you supply, or can apply these techniques to shots from our Real Estate photography team.

Photo Glide with Video - $100

This Photo Glide combines photos with short snippets of video. These were shot by the Blue Chilli team but we can also work with material that you supply.

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