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Anyone can can design a marketing brochure, write a blog or build a website (well, not quite anyone…). What’s more difficult is finding someone who can do all your marketing in a seamless, coordinated way, that’s guaranteed to get you noticed.

At Blue Chilli Marketing, our job is getting to know your business and figuring out which of the various communication methods will work best for you. This could include a mix of: advertising, public relations, graphic design, web development, social media or the myriad other possibilities that will best tell your story. We do the planning then pull together the various elements of your campaign together. It’s about presenting a consistent message that reflects your brand and is relevant to your target market.


What level of support do you need?


Do you know you need marketing but you’re not sure how best to go about it? Perhaps you need to reposition, rebrand or just refocus? We’ll help you wrangle those ideas that are floating around in your head into a practical, do-able plan. In other words, we’ll help you unearth your unique story then show you how to bring it to life.


If you’re happy you’ve got your planning ducks in a row, we step in and make it happen – whatever it might be. Give us a call if you know exactly what you need to do but don’t have the time, skill or simply the inclination to do it yourself. We become your off-site Project Manager, connecting you with all the specialist talent required.

Or both?

For whoah to go and everything in between – we become your virtual marketing and PR team. Think what you’ll save in office space and coffee!


Access to expert specialists

Our Tauranga marketing agency team is skilled in planning and implementing a wide range of marketing services and will tailor our service to suit your needs. For specialist skills not covered in house, we partner with a network of suppliers to create a team that best suits your specific job, managing the entire process for you. This gives you the convenience of dealing with one agency who understands you, without limiting access to the best specialists available. 

Contact our marketing specialists today and we’ll help you find ways to take your marketing to a new level.

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