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Capturing the atmosphere of an event or dance performance can be tricky, especially when you have your hands full on the day. With event organisers’ often spinning multiple plates at once, capturing those special moments can get bumped down on the priority list.

Event Videos

Blue Chilli’s Event Video team is skilled in the art of herding cats to get the footage you need, then pulling together the best elements of your event to create a cohesive video story. Great event videos do more than capture the memories and the ambiance, they do so in a way that’s right for your brand personality. Whether you’re running a conference, a trade show or a corporate get-together, we’ll make sure it’s remembered for all the right reasons.

Dance Videos

Dance can be a difficult art to capture in video. The mood, the lighting, the sound… we’ve seen far too many disasters when amateur videographers discover there’s a little more to dance videography than they realised. Blue Chilli have extensive experience in dance video and photography and will capture the essence of what makes your performance so special.

Talk to us about video for live shows as well as staged portfolio work.

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