Copywriting Superheroes in Tauranga

Not so long ago, the copywriter was the unassuming geeky guy tucked discretely at the back of the agency. Not anymore!

With the current focus on social media and relationship marketing, businesses large and small are under pressure to produce endless blogs, newsletters and social media posts. It’s unrelenting, and for most, unwelcome. Enter the copywriter – your new favourite, spec-wearing, laptop toting, super-hero…

Blue Chilli’s Tauranga-based copywriters mostly decline to wear their undies on the outside, but they can, and do, tackle pretty much anything else. Even better, they’re chameleon-enough to do it in the tone and style that best reflects your organisation.

Our copywriting clients have different needs so we tailor the way we work to suit:

  • We can work from content that you’ve provided, smartening it up and giving it a bit more zing. This is great for brochures, websites and technical documents.

  • We can phone for a chat to get the gist of what you need to say, then send it back as an article for you to review. This works well for blogs and other social media posts.

  • We’ll interview your customers on your behalf then translated their comments into sparkling testimonials for your website. This takes the pressure off asking for a testimonial.

  • We can write e-newsletters for your customers and staff.

  • We’ll write your press releases, working with you to come up with an angle that media will consider newsworthy and relevant to their readers.

  • We’ll work with you to develop tender submissions that are focused, clear and tick all the necessary boxes.

Our recent copywriting work in Tauranga includes:

  • Blogs

  • Facebook posts

  • Media releases

  • Brochures

  • E-newsletters

  • Professional profiles

  • Tenders

  • Technical brochures

  • Corporate profiles

  • Web content

Give our Tauranga copywriters a call today to find out how our copywriter superheroes can assist you with your copywriting requirements. 

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