3D Floor Plan helps the buyer visualise the possibilities.

As an agent you can spot a property with great bones at a thousand paces. Sadly, most buyers can’t. When confronted by a hopelessly cluttered or dated property, they simply move on. The buyer misses out on a property that, with a little vision and TLC may have been perfect for them. And you’re stuck with a property that won’t sell. 

Unless, you do the visualising for them...

3D Floor Plans help buyers to imagine how the property might look with a fresh coat of paint and standard sized furniture.  And if the flow’s not quite right, a floor plan helps them picture how they might knock out a wall or reconfigure the spaces to become their dream home.

Blue Chilli offer a 2D and 3D Floor Plan service with a range of colour schemes and furniture styles. Pricing starts at just $100, working from a simple sketch or blue print. Read more…

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