Actually, that’s one of the reasons it works!

Most people are more comfortable going to the dentist than presenting to camera - which means those who do, stand out. Simply by giving it a go, you’re a step ahead of your competition.

The good news is that it’s easier than you think, and as with most skills, can be learned. If you’re just starting out it’s probably best to start small - limit yourself to an engaging intro and outro, or present just one or two key features. And relax - a good video company will help you find your unique style, and coach you through the process.

It’s no coincidence that many of the top real estate agents use video to get their listings, and themselves, in front of the public. And with the unparalleled growth in video, It’s only a matter of time until it becomes just another marketing tool.

Now is the time to own this space while it still gives you a point of difference. So take your brave pills and get out there…

The Real Estate Marketing Team at Blue Chilli will guide you to present videos in a natural and authentic way. We’ll help you boost your sales while also building your all-important personal brand with both buyers and vendors.

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