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Cut your suit according to your cloth… Photo Glides - entry-level video for the budget conscious

Let’s face it, some properties justify beautiful videos with all the bells and whistles, and others just don’t. It’s as simple as that. And for the ‘don’ts’ a photo montage might be just the ticket.

If the property is entry-level, chances are your budget won’t stretch to a video. But with staggering stats on viewer engagement of video versus photos, it makes sense to have the power of video on your side. This is where animated photo montages come in.

If executed well - a photo montage will provide some of the benefits of a video - with a fraction of the cost or time expended. The trick is to do it right - and trust me when I say that not all photo montages are created equal. It’s worth doing your homework to find a supplier that will do more than simply stitch your photos together and bung in a few transitions.

Blue Chilli Photo Montages are called Photo Glides. They employ the same story-telling techniques we use in video and cost $75. Supply your own photos or get our photography team on the job. Learn more…

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