People buy from YOU - not the company you represent.

As a Real Estate Agent, your personal brand is your greatest asset. Your unique personality and approach is what makes you memorable enough to get the listings, and trusted enough to make the sales. So while the backing of a credible firm may provide reassurance, it’s you that vendors and sellers are really interested in.  

Using video for your listings is a time-effective and non-threatening way to build your personal brand. Listing videos that include a personal appearance by the agent allow potential buyers (and vendors!) to get a sense of who you are - helping them to build trust in you before you even meet. 

Not only will listing videos help you sell, they also provide a platform to build your all-important personal brand, each and every time you list a property.

The Real Estate Marketing Team at Blue Chilli will guide you through the process of making great Real Estate Video. We’ll help you achieve a performance that’s natural and quintessentially you.

Blue Chilli Marketing