Marketing Smarts + Visual Excellence = Magic

When a wealth of marketing experience gets together with a passion and flair for video and photography - magic stuff happens. We call it Blue Chilli.

Blue Chilli is a boutique communication agency based in Tauranga, and proof that good things come in small packages. We’re small enough to provide the personalised service you deserve, and smart enough to punch well above our weight when it comes to getting results.

You’ll find that despite our chilly colouring, we’re pretty good at turning up the heat and making things happen.

Fresh ideas, always relevant, & brought to fruition with enthusiasm, professionalism & a relentless eye for detail.


What’s a Blue Chilli when it’s at home in it’s pyjamas?

“Why pick a blue chilli?” you may ask. “And what makes it any better than the common garden variety?” For us, a Blue Chilli represents infinite possibility. We love that the ordinary can be transformed into the extraordinary with just a teensy change of perspective.

The Blue Chilli team believe that small changes can deliver big results and it’s this kind of thinking that we bring to our clients.